( 宋彦 )

Associate Professor
School of Data Science, CUHK-SZ

Affiliate Faculty
Department of Linguistics, UW
Chief Scientist
Sinovation Ventures AI Institute (Shenzhen)

Email: xxxxyyy AT cuhk.edu.cn
          (xxxx is "song", yyy is "yan")

I am currently serving as the Senior Area Chair of ACL-2021.


I am an associate professor at the School of Data Science, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-SZ). Before joining CUHK-SZ, I was the director of Sinovation Ventures AI Institute (Shenzhen) and worked in Microsoft and Tencent prior to Sinovation Ventures. Currently I am also an affiliate faculty at Department of Linguistics, University of Washington (UW), and the chief scientist at Sinovation Ventures AI Institute (Shenzhen).

My research interests focus on natural language processing (NLP), especially text representation learning, language understanding and generation, information extraction and retrieval, etc. I am particularly interested in medical NLP, and studied for years on applying NLP to different medical scenarios. Many of my previous work have been transferred into products or open resources that facilitate research in both academia and industry, e.g., Microsoft XiaoICE, Tencent Chinese word embeddings, etc. Recently my team has released a new Chinese pre-trained models (ZEN) and the related codes, which can be found here. Prospective Master/PhD students are welcome to contact me and visit my team :-)

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